Mosca Boats are made with some of the best quality products and components out in the market. From the top Resin and Gel Coats to top grade Composites and Vetrotex Glass.

MOSCA BOATS are built with Nida-Core, Plascore, Penske composite materials. Other materials include anti-blistering gel coats, epoxy anti-blistering resin, and closed cell foams.

All mat woven and overlapping at center for added strength and durability. All Mosca Boats critical stress points are reinforced with Kevlar from the bow to stern.

All Mosca Boats are built with the best materials available which include; Triaxle structural material, biaxle tight woven material and high quality glass mats.

All stress points are re-inforced with Kevlar including the tunnel, transom and keel areas.

Part of building a quality boat is building a well engineered stringer system. Mosca Boats has worked diligently to develop a one piece, high quality and durable stringer system. This system insures an extremely strong hull and solid decks. All stringers are reinforced with 2lb density floatation material.
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